“A little political” or “I’ll only be occupying the toilet.”

I recently saw the “We are the 99 Percent” blog on Tumblr. Which if we’re going by “millionaire” status, should be more like “We are the 96.777777 percent”.

Reading the about/introduction page, I have to say that some of that applied to me. Then I attended some Financial Peace University classes. I started planning my finances better, deliberately putting aside money for rainy days, cancelling extra services like my cable television, not eating out so much, etc. These things really started to come to head after getting married. We were able to be quite comfortable month to month even while paying down our debts.

While my wife and I have been very blessed and have not had the hardships many people have put on “We are the 99 Percent”. I would like think that our planning and our hard work have played a significant role in where our lives are today.

So without further delay, my “I am the 1 percent” contribution.

I never finished the two year Associate in Applied Science degree at the local Community College I was working towards.
My wife had several thousand dollars in student loans when we married, I had some credit card debt.
I never owned a brand new car.
I am married to a wonderful woman.
I have a beautiful daughter and another child on the way.
I have a job where I enjoy the work with decent pay.
My wife and I share a car.
My wife and I both have a smart-phones.
My wife and I have one television.
My wife and I have no paid television service (cable/satellite) unless Netflix counts.
I have an Xbox 360 Slim.
My wife and I rent a home.
My wife and I have no credit cards.
My wife and I have a 3 months of living expenses in savings.
My wife and I now have no debt other then our upcoming home mortgage.
We are in our mid-twenties.

I am the 1 percent.

There are of course many other things that could be on this list, but to think of the all would just push this entry back.

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  1. good mornng

    I found a link to your page that talked about adding subtitles t netflix video.. the link does not work.. any info you can share withme??


    M frank glbreath in austin texas

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