What’s the motto with you?

Last year during a men’s retreat weekend my church put on, we men were challenged to come up with a “Family Charter”,  a document of rules and regulations concerning interpersonal interactions. You could look at it as something akin to The Constitution for Minnesota, the U.S.A or any organization. Though I’m not too keen on having a charter for several reasons that are another post, one thing did stick out to me, the family motto.

So I started digging into my family background to see if there was anything I could revive or use for inspiration. thus far, I’ve only come across one I might have claim to.

From the old maternal side I found, “Nil sine numine” or “Nothing without God”. Quite spine tingling if you ask me, invoking the idea that nothing is possible without God’s hand or blessing and reminding us of his sovereignty.

As far as I am aware, my paternal family descends from common farming folk. I’ll have to dig around more on that side.

The Bond family has a neat one as well, “The world is not enough” (“Orbis non sufficit”). Which is an actual family and crest. I had always assumed it was the realm of fiction. At any rate, I had thought it a motto with gravitas, proclaiming that there is something better, something that this world cannot satisfy. Or perhaps, the price required to “buy one off” would be more than the world.

Other ideas being toyed with:

  • To the sky/ad caelum
  • Seek the Lord/Quaerite Dominum
  • With strength, comes peace/cum virtute, fit cum pace

ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latin_phrases_(full)

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