Josh: Nerd in the country

It’s getting official, we’re moving to the country. It’s something that the mrs and I have been thinking of doing, mostly in a “sometime-in-the-future” way, several years from now and the earliest.

Then earlier this year we found ourselves a piece of land for sale about 20-30 minutes away from our current home that we could not say no to. (Intra-family deal.) Now after a month or so of unknown timelines, we have some concrete dates for moving. Which do not easily jive with other dates like when newbie is coming or snow melting. I hate moving with snow on the ground.

Why move to the country? Won’t I miss the high-speed internet offerings? Well, yes, I will. 30Mb+ internet down speed is really, really nice, but there are some other reasons I’ve had my eye on the country side.

During my childhood, we’d go visit relatives in California for a week or a month at a time. I loved the time there with my cousins and just being in California. There were several reasons we were able to do this, one of which was that my Aunt and Uncle had a large enough house that we could comfortably stay with them. To be able to do the same thing for my friends and family is something I’ve wanted to do as well.

We’ve wanted to have a garden for a couple years, but our home so far have either been rentals and the land lords prohibited it or the lot was too small. Though our last lot probably could have had a small one if we did some terracing. Our (well more my goal) is to eventually have the garden offset store bought veggies to such a degree that we’re only buying if much spoils or we’re needing extra for a feast.

There’s a chicken coup that we’re hoping to make use this summer. Our little family can go though a couple dozen eggs a week easily when only accounting for breakfast. So even just over a half dozen chickens should keep up with our weekly demand for eggs. Meat though is another matter. Thinking of all the times we have just chicken breast, wings, or legs, we’d have to have a lot of chickens to satisfy that want.

I love a good fire with friends on a brisk fall night or the warm glow of a fireplace. While we have “room” at our current digs, I’m looking forward to the additional space to have a pit instead of a portable steel bowl. We’re also looking at using wood to offset fuel oil use down the road. This will mean a lot of wood chopping.

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