SnojNS 0.2: Still has a lame name

After many an hour pouring over the code and running tests galore, I think I’ve resolved some of the major issues from version 0.1. Like how it would just randomly crash when the forward lookup hosts decided they had had enough. Now it’ll recover from it and chug along.

There is now some simple compression. So now instead of having 6 “” entires, we now have 1 with references to that first occurrence. Down the road, I plan on adding better compression so that parts of domains can be compressed. For instance “” becomes “someSubdomain.{reference to first}”.

Commit comments:

fixed: non-coded types returned empty from outside sources.
fixed: crash when socket was interupted.
added: m attribute to tags. <a m="somehost" ip="" />
added: beginning dns compression...I think. at least it appears to work.
notes: improved xml lookups. now can easily add xpath based lookups.
notes+: might need to improve this further to allow other filter types.
notes: rm attributes will likely wait until xpath fn:matches function is available.


I’ve noticed while using HE’s IPv6 Tunnel Broker service, that I can’t surf IPv6 sites while using snojns. Not sure why this is, but I wonder if there needs to be an IPv6 socket listener as well.


If you’re smart enough to run this, you’ll know which you’ll want to get.

snojns 0.2.0: Release, Debug, Source.

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