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It’s all official now with papers signed and everything. I’m joining the folks at Magpie Software to help make the world of planes walkers easier. A couple weeks ago my friend (CTO of Magpie) Nick Davis contacted me about joining the team and working on the various parts that make up their flagship software. My […]

A couple-few months ago I decided that I wanted to give Windows’ newish feature of booting to a VHD a real try. Actually use it for every day computing instead of just a one off test. I won’t go into details of setting up the system, there are plenty of tutorials out there. Like the […]

Today is my first child’s birthday and she’s two years old! It’s hard to believe that two years ago we were getting ready for church and then planning on spending Easter with the family. Instead we ended up spending it at the hospital as our little flower had enough and that she needed out 7 […]

One year minus one day ago we had a new addition to our home, Jethro. And now he’s one year minus one day old. (He’s the one in the middle.) It’s hard to believe that one short year ago he was still in his mommy and we were sitting outside on a snow-less lawn with […]

A couple weeks ago I was needing a non-flash internet speed test and came across SpeedOf.Me which is pretty cool in that it’s only HTML and Javascript. Then this last week I needed to test some VPN speeds, but couldn’t find anything simple and easy to quickly run on a server. So I came up […]

A week or so ago I was on the local radio and it was really fun. You can find the audio on the KWLM site or my copy.

The Linux ip tool has a really handy feature to get the route a given IP will take. Unfortunately, I know of no native Windows equivalent. This is built for Windows 8 or Powershell v3 as it makes use of Get-NetRoute. function Find-Route { param( [parameter(position=0,mandatory=$true)][net.ipaddress]$IP ); $rs = Get-NetRoute -AddressFamily ({if($IP.AddressFamily -eq “Internetwork”){“ipv4”} else […]

There are times when I’m hacking together something and I need to know my public IP address. I could hard code it in, but where’s the fun in that? Probably the best IP reporter I’ve seen so far is, but they lack IPV6 support at the moment. Since I want this, I decided to […]

Finally figured out how to get a 6rd tunnel setup with Charter. My problem was that 1) I wasn’t paying attention to the examples and 2) I have my IPv6 router behind an IPv4 only router. So unlike the examples, I needed to use the private IP address instead of the public for the tunnel. […]

It’s too late to try building my desk idea before my next child comes…he’s already here. Jethro was born this past Saturday morning.