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Haraka-secwrap was updated a bit over this holiday weekend. It should work with Haraka version 2.8.11 and be a little less buggy. The REST feature now actually works where before it was only partially implemented. There’s even a handy-dandy (really poor) example for using a REST backend to store messages in the maildir format.

Something I’ve been toying with is a tip and trick, but mostly horrible hacking away and over-thinking things blog series highlighting the stupid things I do. These things will likely come from stuff for my work or simply curiosity. Without further ado, here’s #1. A couple a weeks ago, I needed to migrate a web server and test […]

Last year during a men’s retreat weekend my church put on, we men were challenged to come up with a “Family Charter”,  a document of rules and regulations concerning interpersonal interactions. You could look at it as something akin to The Constitution for Minnesota, the U.S.A or any organization. Though I’m not too keen on having […]

It’s getting official, we’re moving to the country. It’s something that the mrs and I have been thinking of doing, mostly in a “sometime-in-the-future” way, several years from now and the earliest. Then earlier this year we found ourselves a piece of land for sale about 20-30 minutes away from our current home that we […]

Over the last couple months, my little flower and overflow have started waking up when I get up for work. Following me downstairs and starting to play or demanding to watch Kipper before mom comes down and turns it off. However this week has been slightly different. The little flower has started saying “Daddy no […]

Building my own awesome “NAS” box for precious family photos will take a pretty penny to complete and even then I wouldn’t have backups in case of disaster (I’m a disk over tape/dvd guy). So to get me started I’m using Amazon’s EC2 service. For the moment, I’m using one Micro instance with 3x50GB extra […]

It’s all official now with papers signed and everything. I’m joining the folks at Magpie Software to help make the world of planes walkers easier. A couple weeks ago my friend (CTO of Magpie) Nick Davis contacted me about joining the team and working on the various parts that make up their flagship software. My […]

A week or so ago I was on the local radio and it was really fun. You can find the audio on the KWLM site or my copy.

The Linux ip tool has a really handy feature to get the route a given IP will take. Unfortunately, I know of no native Windows equivalent. This is built for Windows 8 or Powershell v3 as it makes use of Get-NetRoute. function Find-Route { param( [parameter(position=0,mandatory=$true)][net.ipaddress]$IP ); $rs = Get-NetRoute -AddressFamily ({if($IP.AddressFamily -eq “Internetwork”){“ipv4”} else […]

With the eminent birth of my second child and since I’ll be working primarily from home for a couple weeks, I’m going to need an office and desk. Luckily our new house has a couple room options, the second floor and basement, but both locations are not very friendly to moving large pieces of furniture […]