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Haraka-secwrap was updated a bit over this holiday weekend. It should work with Haraka version 2.8.11 and be a little less buggy. The REST feature now actually works where before it was only partially implemented. There’s even a handy-dandy (really poor) example for using a REST backend to store messages in the maildir format.

The first annual #Hack2o weekend was a success! What an amazingly creative and diverse mix of talent and energy! (Sorry to the 5-6 people who are missing from the group photo!) The event culminated with presentations by 4 teams with #innovative technology solutions for email encryption, the “Yellow Bike” program, aquatic invasive species reporting and […]

Ever wish you could shim into and do some testing on a “live” site? Hoxy is for you! It now even supports HTTPS sites thanks to a couple awesome coders Greg Reimer (founder), Francois Ward, and yours truly. A special thanks to Seth Holladay for helping move the issue forward with his bounty!

Sure, you could use something like forever but what if you want things as self contained as possible? It’s very ugly and breaks stdio, but it works! var cluster = require(‘cluster’); var _ = require(‘underscore’); var spawn = require(‘child_process’).spawn; if(cluster.isMaster) { //var cluster_args = var runningragnarok = false; var msghandler = function(msg) { if(msg === […]

Something I’ve been toying with is a tip and trick, but mostly horrible hacking away and over-thinking things blog series highlighting the stupid things I do. These things will likely come from stuff for my work or simply curiosity. Without further ado, here’s #1. A couple a weeks ago, I needed to migrate a web server and test […]

A couple weeks ago I was needing a non-flash internet speed test and came across SpeedOf.Me which is pretty cool in that it’s only HTML and Javascript. Then this last week I needed to test some VPN speeds, but couldn’t find anything simple and easy to quickly run on a server. So I came up […]

There are times when I’m hacking together something and I need to know my public IP address. I could hard code it in, but where’s the fun in that? Probably the best IP reporter I’ve seen so far is, but they lack IPV6 support at the moment. Since I want this, I decided to […]

Finally figured out how to get a 6rd tunnel setup with Charter. My problem was that 1) I wasn’t paying attention to the examples and 2) I have my IPv6 router behind an IPv4 only router. So unlike the examples, I needed to use the private IP address instead of the public for the tunnel. […]

It’s been a while since the last SnojNS update. Been working on a lot of other things lately, like a baby…and another one that’ll be here any day now. SnojNS is now going to be called DNShifter thanks to my good buddy ivorycruncher. He wins Bacon Salt. I also may be rewriting it in Javascript […]

Since getting IPv6 up and running, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to map domain names to hosts no matter if they have statically assigned addresses or dhcp/radv generated ones. Additionally, I didn’t want to purchase a new domain. Instead I opted to create a new subdomain and delegated authority to my home […]