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Sure, you could use something like forever but what if you want things as self contained as possible? It’s very ugly and breaks stdio, but it works! var cluster = require(‘cluster’); var _ = require(‘underscore’); var spawn = require(‘child_process’).spawn; if(cluster.isMaster) { //var cluster_args = var runningragnarok = false; var msghandler = function(msg) { if(msg === […]

As with all things, I was in need of a solution. The problem was that multiple object prototypes were needing to be mixed together into one. No npm package I found seemed to do the trick for me in the way I wanted and needed things to work. So of course I reinvented the wheel […]

Something I’ve been toying with is a tip and trick, but mostly horrible hacking away and over-thinking things blog series highlighting the stupid things I do. These things will likely come from stuff for my work or simply curiosity. Without further ado, here’s #1. A couple a weeks ago, I needed to migrate a web server and test […]